Let’s Keep Your Tenants Happy

We know how! In today’s volatile real estate market, high occupancy is critical to a buildings success. We believe tenant retention is best delivered by offering great value and exceptional service.

Ready for Award-Winning Service?

The MODE Tenant Retention Program™:

  • Identifies all tenant relations matters at a managed property
  • Establishes and promotes ownerships’ strong tenant relations
  • Develops cooperative and appreciative tenants
  • Increases likelihood of tenant renewals and expansions
  • Contributes to and enhances building value
  • Results in steady income and substantially reduced capital expenditures

The MODE Tenant Retention Program™ has helped us to stand out among other property management companies. We are consistently receiving positive tenant feedback and excitement of being located in a MODE managed building. By keeping ownership and tenant needs in mind, MODE continues to deliver better “bottom-line” performance, which ultimately keeps everyone happy. Let us show you how!